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faultypancakes Community member
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The castle of perfection.


They say "perfect is the enemy of done" but they don't realize.

I have a castle of perfection and once I've made it through the moat of procrastinating I am determined to do perfect. But I am human. I cannot do perfect. I will never do perfect. I have never done perfect.

But my brain tells me that if I add one last touch and one last detail I can do perfect. Yet I end up adding many more touches and details until it is not something I like anymore. One after the other, fixing the mistakes of the previous. And creating new ones.

So I'll stay up till' midnight, 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM... Later and later the clock ticks by and we have gone from sunset to sunrise. We have gone from "just one more" to a thousand more because the image in my head is not something I can reach. And finally, it is perfect!

I have added every last detail and it is complete. But I have spent so long creating perfect that I am late. And late is not perfect. I have finally reached the castle, made it past the guards only to find that the inside of the castle is destroyed.

And destroyed is not perfect.

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