Devonshire High magic stories

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A school where you're favorite pleasure becomes your worst nightmare.
Do you dare to enter?

What if there is other worlds within our world? What if the bleak prophecy of the entire world's destruction awaits? What if the prediction meant the two worlds to collide?

What if since the dawn of time the world still hasn't discovered peace?

The three Embershots, the makers of fate, wove it into their looms for her to be born destined as his other half and rule the world by his side.

Regan Reve Ripler lives in a world where magic exist. The mortals are not unaware of other creature's existence. They are within their world.

Yet Regan never saw nor encounter one until when her foster parents decided to move Regan to Horus, a town famous for having different creatures populate it, and live her own life as she turned eighteen.

Hoping for a fresh start, Regan has no other alternatives but to agree to her foster parents' decision and move with her childhood best friend, Tamara Riddle.

As they enroll in Horus' most prestigious school...


A school well-known not only for its visual but also for its students – well, most of it.

A school famous for being the only school where scions of different creatures study there to support and promote peace between all creatures' community.

When they are finally there, they discovered that Devonshire High is way more than outwardly.

-Mae xx

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