all I wish to say to prefix Wo-
all I wish to say to prefix Wo- feeling/woman/man/human/narrow/ stories

farzexpress94 Community member
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I don't dare to call it a perfect writing but as the matter of being fresh, I write to express to let you feel it see it
but don't live it at all
pardon me again.

all I wish to say to prefix Wo-

What a sin is this not to be a man in this world, ha? Bullshit

Even men feel sad and frustrated and disparate sometimes

But it’s been pretty clear that for me here there are lots of limitation caused only for having a wo- coming along with my –man, which I myself am not technically ashamed of, but they,

who were loved by me, as a wo-man are probably ashamed.

They burn my heart and later they start remembering hey duh it’s a s/he and a wo-man so let’s just not, okay, What’s up sis?

Have I offended anyone here?

Hey I never planned to fall for you madam! you know what? I technically and emotionally and whateverally have no clue to give damn about being a man with or without wo- prefix.

They say “abnormal pleasure kills the taste of normal ones” now imagine how it is going to be when all you do and the person you are is considered abnormal by the majority.

To make it more clear I would say, I don’t believe in anything as minority and majority, these are only tricks to make us, mankind or wo-kind separated.

Basically I do not remember if I come to think that wow what a male or female instrument you are the first time I saw you.

Felt a flame in heart which is practically a sin since I do have a female instrument not a flute or whatever gets inside you to give the society enough of Orgasms.

And oh right I sometimes want to say that hey I exist here, right here.

To make myself more clear that sorry I am not following you dears in so many cases I do exist against all your sincere pure monk type wishes in this way falling for her without

being equipped with a flute. You have your wills to tell me you want a man not a perfectly shaped wo-man.

But I do have my own way to love whoever I want and this is out of your concern to forbid me.

But if you are so interested you can come and take this heart out of the prison of chest and its ribs. I want to be selfish and tell you how wrong you are.

But you will get hurt meanwhile I am not pious enough to see a wo- hurt, so I just come to take the microphone and tell you how logical you are let’s be si- oh just as you wish.

you are the goddess for now and who knows if there is any eternity or not. I can be immature to have enough of expressionistic mode which make me write what I feel.

I’m truly suffering being called “sis” I could never imagine that word may hurt me one day.

She is beautiful. By God name. She is something I can hardly understand what is. World has enough of parades I am not a sexist. All I say is we need to be us without any title. I am me.

But I’m not sure if she’s herself or not.

My senses can be strong as a magnet. Or what if that is just a reflection of my feelings not what she sends.

“don’t be narrow minded, don’t stick to a person, don’t you have a life?”

Yes, I do. A very unsolved matter

Why should it come to matter wo-man?

Surrounded all over my mind

I am stuck in an unwanted circle of loving

I’m hurt they watch

They’re hurt I watch

How can I bear all this in my not that genius brain?

My EQ and IQ is not high enough not to fall for people of wo- type.

All I see is beauty is elegant is love. I appreciate prefix wo- . They feel it they enjoy it they live it they leave it they leave it they leave it…

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