Orientation Part 1
Orientation Part 1 spiritual stories

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Before we are born, we receive an orientation in the pre-world. This is that orientation.

Orientation Part 1

1. Welcome to Orientation

Many of you have been here before. For some, it's your first time. For others, you're returning after a long absence. Regardless, this will be the experience of a lifetime.

The place you are currently in is a staging area for your lives. This is where you receive your orientation before you take birth.

This is the area between divine universal consciousness, and your Earthly life, where you will experience existence in a finite form, in a finite world, and be subject to linear time.

The purpose of this place, the pre-world, is to facilitate your transition from divine universal consciousness to individual consciousness on Earth.

Here, we are all radiant beams of light energy. We have no spoken or written language. Our thoughts and feelings are instantly transmitted to one another, without judgment.

On Earth, you'll be clothed with a body, a personality, genetics, heritage, and national and ethical beliefs. You'll have strong identities.

You will age, and experience the impact of linear time. And you will experience death.

Death is one of the main reasons you've chosen to take birth, since it is impossible to achieve in the divine universal consciousness, except through this method.

At the end of your lifetime, you'll keep the memories you want and leave behind what you don't. Then, you will gather here again.

At that time, it will seem as if you're attending a cast party, after performing a highly successful production on the stage.

You'll warmly embrace beings who you knew while in your body, even those who brought you distress in the Earthly world.

"Well done! You played you, perfectly," you'll find yourself laughing and saying to one another, quickly forgetting the intensity and seeming permanence of your former lifetime.

It's possible that you may not learn everything you want in one lifetime. If this is the case, the choice to return is entirely up to you.

On the other hand, some of you might decide you do not want to do this again. If that is the case, then you will return to the divine universal consciousness.

From there, thousands of years could pass in linear time, when you may again feel a pull to experience an Earthly form. Or you may not.

Your life is a journey and you are meeting the different aspects of the divine universal consciousness as you travel that journey. Sometimes you choose who you meet and sometimes they choose.

Be open, accepting, and discerning. But, let me be very clear about something.

In your Earthly forms, just because you want something, doesn't mean it will instantly or even eventually happen. Remember, that as you are before me in this place, you are pure light.

From this place, all you can imagine is beauty, peace, love, abundance, friendship, romance, and kindness.

From here, you are not privy to geo-politics, economics, and the distribution of wealth and justice on Earth.

You will be subject to linear time and space, binary systems of visible and invisible, pleasure and pain, good and bad, rich and poor.

Temporary or not, physical or not, pain, poverty, injustice, privilege, and inequity can quickly filter your perception. It is extremely easy to get distracted and forget who you are.

Once you enter your body and begin your life on Earth, you will experience what you currently cannot. Individual consciousness.

As a result, you will begin to lose connection with each other and the pre-world.

As you live in your body and forget about what has happened here, you may even wonder why things are happening the way they are in your life.

You may begin to question who created the world around you, with such specific detail and symmetry.

For some of you, that will begin your journey to remembering who you are, where you are, and why you are.

There is no guarantee that you will remember the pre-world, but if you do, then your awareness of it will always be a part of you. What you do with that awareness is entirely your choice.

Some have written books about what they've learned here, others have composed music, or created art and dance. Some have carried on with their lives, exactly as it was before.

Regardless of how you choose to lead your life, do it with love and compassion towards all, including yourself.

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