Meticulous Gaze
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far Intermediate poet
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A romantic poem for my loved one ❤️

Meticulous Gaze

Grassy hills, a tender touch upon his skin, a gradual entanglement of one's body

As they exchanged their warmth, he stares into her royal-blue eyes

A glimmer of significance, a precious gem, a part of one's life

She held him close, till the constitution of forever refused

There comes her

Somber blue eyes

He saw through her, into her soul and beyond, her heart, he felt an inner tightness

His heart filled with determination, it was what he needed to keep progressing

In awe at such blossoming beauty, such elegance, she was warm to the touch

Lest he forget the amazing times they've had, in connection

Deep breaths, in and out, his chest palpitated

There comes his

Moonlit dark eyes

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