Fallen: A My Hero Academia Fanfiction - Chapter 1
Fallen: A My Hero Academia Fanfiction - Chapter 1 myheroacademia stories
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Jordan Wing is a highschool student who loves anime, particularly My Hero Academia. She always dreams of being in a world with her favorite characters. When a weird storm suddenly catches her off guard, she is magically transferred into the world of My Hero Academia. Can Jordan find a way to escape, or will she be trapped inside her fantasies forever?

*Shinsou replaces Mineta

*Other chapters will be posted separately

Fallen: A My Hero Academia Fanfiction - Chapter 1

"Ugh, I'm exhausted!"

"Me too."

My friend, Alexa, and I have been working on a project for 4 hours straight. We were both physically and mentally exhausted. But, we needed to finish the project by the next day.

"Let's take a break and watch some My Hero."

Alexa loved MHA almost as much as I do, but her favorite is Blue Exorcist. We were both huge

fans, to put it at the least. I flopped on the couch next to Alexa as she pulled up our favorite episode so far, Relief for License Trainees (S4 EP17).

We both got excited as Glamoroki dreamily smiled at us and laughed at Bakugo's imitation.

We finished the episode and solemnly returned to our work while occasionally nibbling at our lunches. It was only 12:45. We had a long way to go.

"Don't you wish you could be in a world with them, Jordan?" Alexa asked.

I smiled at her as I pulled my hair into a messy bun. "Of course I do! Their world seems so cool compared to reality. Who wouldn't want to?"

We happily fantasized about a world like My Hero Academia while busily working on our assignment. After what seemed like days of slaving away, we had finally finished.

"It's only 4:50. Want to go get ice cream?" I suggested.

Alexa excitedly nodded her head and we grabbed our sweatshirts to walk to the ice cream parlor. As we walked, though, I noticed something strange about the sky.

"Doesn't the sky seem purple to you?" I asked, genuinely concerned.

"The sun's probably setting now," she replied coolly.

I countered, "It's 5:00 in May, Alexa. The sun doesn't set for another hour."

We both stared at the sky quizzically. It turned a deeper shade of purple as the seconds passed. Suddenly, a streak of blue lightning flashed across the sky.

We nearly jumped out of our skin as we rushed to take cover. Plump raindrops fell from above and started to soak us.

Then, a bright white filled my vision.

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