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My kitten is perched on my shoulder like a parrot while I am writing this.


Seiko opened her eyes. Once again she saw a chandelier.

"Oh! Deja vu!" she thought as she got up. "My head hurts so much. Where in the world am I?" she wondered while holding her head.

"Oh goodness! My lady! You're awake!" a voice cried.

Seiko turned her head. She saw a girl of perhaps 16 crying. "Please wait a moment my lady. I'll bring the master and mistress very quick." and saying this, she rushed out of the room.

"Wha...?" thought Seiko "Where am I? Why does my head hurt so much? And who was that? Did she just call me my lady?".

"Sylvia! Sylvia, are you alright?" a woman cried as she opened the great oak door. She was a woman in her late-30s. A man followed her in. Late-40s, Seiko thought.

"But who are they?" she wondered. Suddenly a gush of memories flooded inside her head.

Someone else's memories.

"Ow! It hurts so much!" she cried holding her head. "Sylvia! What's the matter?" asked the man. Her head was filled with many things. Then it suddenly stopped.

Collecting her composure, Sylvia finally said, "Father, mother, my head still hurts and I'd like to rest a bit more if possible". "Of course.

Call us when you're comfortable" the man said and dragged the woman with him. "Can I help you in any way my lady?" the girl asked. "It's okay Anna. I'll call you if I need anything.

" Sylvia replied, laid down and closed her eyes.

But her mind was filled with thoughts. "Okay", she thought, "let's get into it. So that guy who called himself God let me reincarnate in his world.

What did he call it? "Her last wish" his voice echoed in her mind.

Her last wish? she thought, the otome game which I've passed through all routes, found the hidden characters and found all endings, good and bad.

What did he say his name was? Cerberus? Serb? The guy who made the game? That's why his name seemed familiar". She started to think of the story.

"Her Last Wish" she thought, "is an otome game centered around a girl of 16 named Irene.

Having recently become a baron household, her father sends her to the Royal Academy at which only nobles can study. She has a cat that floats with her who grants her every one of her wishes.

When she ends up with one of the capture targets, she is granted one last wish before the cat has to leave her forever.

In fact, if you unlock special events, you can request the cat to turn into a human and live with us instead. But the MCs the biggest idiot I've ever seen. And I'm her rival character.

Not the antagonist but just a rival who has to die for the heroine to have her happy ending. Thank god I got the memories in this body. As far as I remember, I am Sylvia Sylvenheim.

The empire that I am currently in is known as Sylvenheim. I am the prime minister's daughter.

But my last name is same as the empire's name because my father was a prince and was appointed prime minister because the previous prime minister didn't have any kids or heirs.".

"but before anything else" she thought as she looked into the mirror "I'm fat as hell.". "I need to do something about this" she said quietly to herself.

"Do you need something my lady?" Beatrice asked. "A yoga mat" Sylvia replied with a smile.

"I didn't get a yoga mat since they don't exist so they put a carpet for me in the lawn." Sylvia thought as she stretched. "Hmm. I wonder if I can use Seiko's Wish for getting thin.

" she wondered. She was suddenly called out by someone. She turned to see a boy of 14, 1 year older than her, running towards her.

His hair was blonde and his eyes were pink which made him look even more handsome. "Robel!" Sylvia cried. 'Robel' she thought, 'the 8th prince of Sylvenheim and my childhood friend.

he isn't a capture target but he also dies in the game no matter which route the heroine takes. The only person Sylvia could Call as a friend'.

"Are you okay already? Is it alright to move around?" he asked. "It's fine. I'm fine as you can see" she said as she twirled around.

'The reason he's asking this is the same reason why my head hurt when I came here' she thought, 'Sylvia fell down from the stairs and hit her head.

Everyone thought she wouldn't survive, which she didn't, but I came inside her body so he "miraculously" survived the fall .Who the hell am I explaining all this to?'.

"What are you going to do right now?" Robel asked, confused. "I'm going to do some exercises" she replied. "Exercises? You?" Robel asked mockingly.

"Not just any exercise, but a special type of exercise that focuses on both the mind and body. I call it, Yoga" she replied with a smug look.

"Is your head really okay?" Robel asked with concern. Sylvia nodded. 'Of course it is' she thought, 'I used Seiko's Wish and healed my head.' "What is Yoga? I've never heard of it" said Robel.

Sylvia smiled. She executed various Yoga poses that she learned from summer camp in her childhood. Robel looked on with interest and in awe. "Do you wanna try it as well?" she asked Robel.

He nodded vigorously. 'How is he so cute??!!' Sylvia thought. From that moment, the two of them engaged in this morning routine everyday.

Hello Everyone...It's me, the author....

The next chapter has a timeskip to when she turns 15

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