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fantadreamworld Bye, I will check in sometimes
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Happy Halloween Kiddos! I didn't die! Thank god!

Happy Halloween


So it's the spooky sesason!

What is everyone going to be?

I also made these backgrounds myself and it was very hard!

I heard some rumors that because of this covid-19 some counties are banning halloween, Sorry for you if your one of those counties, states, or cities.

I wish you all safety on this dark and scary night, And wear a mask if possible!

Anyways, For halloween I am going to be a red panda, Comment down below your creative halloween costume! ( Also I ran out of gacha wallpapers these are not original )

So how is everyone?

I have a fun idea, I asked my friends some questions they have for me so let's do a Q&A

Q: What is your favorite show? A: Supernaturals Or Riverdale!

Q: What's your favorite school subject? A: Dismissal

Q: What is your favorite reading and writing app? A: Isn't it obvious? COMMAFUL!!!!

Q: Do you have a crush? A: No, And even if I did why would I tell anyone?

Q: What is your favorite candy? A: Kit Kat ofc!

Q: Who is your favorite writer? A: That is a hard one but I am going to have to say Jodi Picoult

Q: What's your favorite series of books? A: The sunshine girl series!

Anyways, If you guys have any questions for me comment down below, Here is a few questions for you guys,

Q: What is everyone's favorite holiday? A birthday does not count

Q: What was your first halloween costume?

Q: If you could have any pet, What would it be?

Q: Whos your favorite youtuber?

Q: What's your favorite song?

Q: What's your favorite type of writing exp: Poetry, Short Stories, Sad Stories, Etc.

Well that's all! This is my first like holiday on commaful! So yay to that, And thanks to EVERYONE who has given me all the support to get me this far, Without those people, I would be very very bad!

Bye Bye you guys! Happy Reading, And happy halloween!

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