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Funny Video Game Comic/Wallpapers, undertale stories

fantadreamworld Bye, I will check in sometimes
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Undertale, Tattletail, Fnaf, Bendy And The Ink Machine, Cuphead, Sonic, And just some others I'm dying rn Xd I love this one btw

Funny Video Game Comic/Wallpapers,

oOoo btw, The reason I am not posting my opinion on every wallpaper is cause I am boring according to the world. Also, These are sane wallpapers, My last ones were scary, I KNOW.

It just got a lot less nicer look at this next one:

Why would someone pollute the world w/ that?!

Fyi for those of you who don't know, omae wa mou shindeiru means you are already dead. Yw

Bye Bye Guys that is enough for today!

I will upload more but until then, Happy Reading! And Check out my other wallpapers and comics for this stuff if you want to!

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