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I apologize o-o

This is related to my last post "Uhm, I am spooked."


This is related to my last post "Uhm, I am spooked."

I didn't mean to frighten anyone by that post, I totally left out a few details.

The guy who shot and killed those four innocent children at chuck e cheese was mentally ill. That does not excuse what he did, But he had a past of violence and destruction.

This is what truly happened:

Dunlap's 1987 attack inside a Chuck E. Cheese pizza restaurant sparked a wave of anger reflected on local news broadcasts. Prosecutors said Dunlap was seeking revenge after being fired from his job there as a cook.

He entered the restaurant, hid in a restroom, and emerged after closing, prosecutors said. He then shot Sylvia Crowell, 19; Colleen O'Connor, 17; Ben Grant, 17; and Marge Kohlberg, 50, who was the mother of two children.

An after-hours shooting rampage at a family restaurant on Tuesday left four employees dead, and today a recently dismissed kitchen worker was arrested. A fifth employee was shot in the jaw but managed to escape and alert the police.

The former employee, Nathan Dunlap, 19, was being held for investigation of four counts of first-degree murder in the slayings at the Chuck E Cheese restaurant in this Denver suburb. The victims were shot in the head.

"It appears he may have held a grudge over his firing," said Mike Stiers, chief of the Aurora Police Investigative Division.

The authorities said Mr. Dunlap was dismissed about a week ago and recently got a job at a fast-food restaurant near Chuck E Cheese. The reason for the dismissal was not known.

This guy got the death sentence very soon after by the way, This man is not still walking the streets.

I am sorry to have to admit this to everyone but no where you go is safe. There will always be mentally ill and messed up people around us.

Don't not go somewhere because of what happened in the past, what happened at chuck e cheese happened 33 years ago!

The chances of you dying inside a chuck e cheese is very slim, That doesn't mean it won't happen, But that doesn't mean it will.

Just yesterday at chuck e cheese a woman was charged with murder in fatal shooting inside busy Chuck E. Cheese. That happened yesterday. No joke, Search it up.

Someone was found dead IN chuck e cheese!

The world has and always will be a scary place.

People have died in fast food restaurants, normal restaurants, malls, in planes, air ports, highway, and so much more. Every second that goes by, Someone dies. but, Every second that goes by, Someone else is born!

Everytime you see someone who just died remember this "People who have died is just god's way of making room for new people" If we all lived forever the world would be over crowded.

Have a nice rest of your day or night, And don't be afraid of the world because it's dark and scary! And happy reading!

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