I Have Ana
I Have Ana eating disorder stories

fangirl5214 Community member
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Trigger Warning: eating disorder and suicide

I don't have an eating disorder, not anymore at least, but I started talking about it with my friend and it just reminded me of what it was like and I felt inspired.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures

I Have Ana

I have a garden A garden of pretty things There are flowers and bushes They flourish through the Springs

I have a seed But nobody knows I make sure to keep it hidden And steadily it grows

I have a sprout I give what it craves No matter what it takes I'll help it till my grave

I have a small tree My pretty things have seemed to wilt But this small tree has thrived So I can feel no guilt

I have a tree I do not know it's name I've been told to stop Like this is all some stupid game

I have a grove The tree has taken over I can't bring myself to care No energy is leftover

I have a forest I've learned it's name is Ana There is no hope for this garden It feels like the savanna

I have nothing I am done There's no hope My little seed has won

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