Video Games{Dante x Travis}
Video Games{Dante x Travis}  aphmau stories

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Travis had been spending less time with Dante, so Dante tried to think of something to at least have a little time with him.

Video Games{Dante x Travis}

Dante lay on the couch, thinking of ways to win his best friend back so they could hang out more and get back to their bromance.

He couldn't think of anything as he got off the couch and headed towards the kitchen for some coffee, grabbing a random cup from the cupboard. Which happened to be his favorite.

Travis came into the room as he grabbed a cup also and went over to the coffee machine ahead of Dante, then looked back at Dante.

"Huh? Do you still use that cup? Didn't you have it in high school too?"

"Well... Yeah... I guess it's just special to me."

"I thought you would've gotten rid of it by now, guess I was wrong. Well, have a great day."

Travis took his cup and put a lid on it, taking his coffee outside as he left and Dante stayed there with his thoughts and coffee.

"Well, guess it's just me then... He's probably out with her again."

Dante drank the coffee aggressively as he went back to the couch, cleaning up the messes while he had his coffee in his hand.

He went back to thinking about his previous thought.... how to win Travis back.

What exactly did he like? Girls? Hell no... Video games!

Dante hyped up from the idea of video games, maybe that could work! It's what they used to do before anyways, it would totally work!

Dante decided to write down ideas for the video game night as he thought of snacks, consoles, and the specific games they were gonna play.

But wait... He hadn't even asked Travis about it, why was he planning it already?

Dante went over to his phone to send a text while he tried to be as formal as possible.

He sent the text as he smiled to himself and went back to planning.

That video game night never happened... As Travis left without warning.

Dante was upset and worried by this, but he still waited.

One day, Travis came home once again.

Dante opened the door for him in shock as he hugged him quickly, Travis hugging him back.

"I-I'm so glad your back...What happened?"

"It's a long story."

"W-Well, since you're here... You wanna play video games with me? Just the two of us? I know you probably don't since you just came back and all but..."

Travis smiled brightly at him as he nodded and Dante went to go set up the consoles and stuff.

Dante's plan had worked after all, it was all worth it in the end...

He never found out why Travis was gone for so long though.

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