Undeniable{A Zack x Derek MyStreet Fanfiction}
Undeniable{A Zack x Derek MyStreet Fanfiction}  aphmau stories

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Zack had gained feelings for Derek, he never got to understand why though... It was like he could see it, but he couldn't reach to see what it is. He starts to slowly realize why throughout though...

Undeniable{A Zack x Derek MyStreet Fanfiction}

Zack had gained a small attraction towards Derek throughout being at starlight, he didn't understand why he was falling for him... as he was working against him at this time.

Zack went through papers Michael had sent as he thought of something else while writing down in the blanks, his emotions were all over the place due to this...

he didn't know what to do about it, so he just kept it to himself.

Elizabeth came into the room to check on him as he looked over at her, raising an eyebrow in the confusion of why she would bother him now of all times.


"I'm just coming in here to check on you, dork. What's been on your mind lately?"

"Nothing important..."

"Hey, come on. You can tell me anything. I'm your friend after all."

Zack rolled his eyes at the statement, he knew better by now not to trust a 'friend' with secrets.

"That doesn't mean anything..."

Elizabeth tried to do everything in order to get him to talk, there was obviously something wrong.

"Is this about Derek...?"

"Why would it be about him? I have everything planned perfectly, nothing's wrong there."

"I mean, not about that... I mean, other things about Derek. I've seen the way you look at him now... Now, come on, spill."

Zack chose not to say anything, as he didn't wanna talk about this right now of all times... Maybe when he understood it more.

"Not right now, Elizabeth.... Later"

Zack went back to do his work as Elizabeth left the room, leaving him with his thoughts on trying to understand himself.

Later on, once the guardian forces had been in starlight, he started to notice why...

Zack went into where Derek was locked up as he opened the door, going over to Derek.

"Hey... Are you okay? I mean after-"

"Why do you care...?"

Zack could see that his eyes were kinda red from crying, maybe that's why he was being a bit of a jerk to him at the moment.

"Personal reasons. You need anything..?"

"No... Now go away."

"Come on, don't be that way..."

"Why shouldn't I? This is practically your fault... that she's gone..."

"It was Michael's plan. Not mine"

Derek looked down as Zack heard small whimpers from him, suddenly becoming worried.

"It's gonna be okay, okay? I'll make sure he won't hurt anyone else!"

Derek was confused on why Zack would care, but he nodded slightly.

Zack pets him softly as he tried calming him down, which worked.

"Good boy."

Derek raises an eyebrow at him,

"Good boy...?"

Zack should've thought about that before giving him a nickname, but he couldn't take it back now.

"Well, aren't you?"

Maybe if he saved this it wouldn't come off as weird-


It really didn't save him at all, but it was a nice try.


"It's alright.. I guess."

Everything was undeniably settled now, so he left.

"So, is it later now? What's your secret?"

He looked over to see Elizabeth as he smiled and nodded,

"...Yeah... I do think he undeniably adorable.."

"That only took you a few months to admit, weirdo. You must be slow at those kinds of things."

"I guess..."

That was settled at least... now to make sure Michael doesn't kill anybody again.

That was not gonna happen though, he didn't mean to break the promise...

Derek was gone forever now, he wished he could've done something... To protect both Aaron and him. He couldn't prevent it.

"Now I understand why... I wish I didn't though."

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