Slowly Remembering{An Aaron x Aphmau MyStreet Fanfiction}
Slowly Remembering{An Aaron x Aphmau MyStreet Fanfiction} aphmau stories

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Aphmau was trying to think of ways to get Aaron's memories back to him... so she comes up with a plan that slowly helps Aaron remember.

Slowly Remembering{An Aaron x Aphmau MyStreet Fanfiction}

Aphmau had been keeping in touch with Melissa to make sure Aaron was alright, even if he didn't remember her.. she still wanted to help him.

Aphmau was thinking of ways to maybe bring his memories back as she wrote them down in a notebook, for safekeeping.

There was honestly nothing she could think of at the moment, so maybe the web could help with this.... she doubted it would have everything though.

She hardly had anything on the notebook and it had been hours, she wished there was something that could help her... but it was getting late.

Aphmau put her computer up as she went over to her bed, staring up at the ceiling for a few minutes... to collect her thoughts.

She suddenly gets a text as she reads it on her phone, it was from the game she hadn't played for years now... why would she get a text from that?

It said FC was online, so she quickly got on the game... she had nothing to do anyway.

Shu: Hey, FC.

FC: Shu, you ready for another game?

Shu: Sure, I've got nothing else to do anyway.

The two played for about an hour or so till Aphmau had to log off, she put her phone on the charger for now as she fell asleep...

Once she woke up, she suddenly got an idea of how to get Aaron's memories back!

She hurried to make the tape, ignoring everything else she had to do as she tried fitting everything in the video together... Hopefully he'd believe this.

She had no clue if it would work or not, but it was hope she had...

She made her way to the Lycans house as she knocked on the door, waiting for Melissa to open it and greet her.

Melissa eventually did open it as she looked at Aphmau in worry,

"You seem tense. What's wrong?"

"I-I have an idea in how to bring Aaron's memories back! D-Do you have a tape player...?"

Melissa nodded slightly as she rushed Aphmau inside and let her go to Aaron,


Aaron looked over at her,

"Oh, you... can I help you?"

"Um, yes, you can... Can you review this tape for me? I know it's pretty old but-"


Aaron took the tape as he went over to the room with the tape player in it and put it in, watching it play.

It basically showed everything that happened throughout the years. It was also telling Aaron who Aphmau really was.

"O-Oh... I-I can't believe I forgot something like that... I'm sorry..."

"I... It's alright! This is my fault anyways... You've been through so much... I should've helped you..."

"Can I... try to remember you again? Shu?"

"Of course!"

Melissa left the room,

"I'll leave you to it."

They decided to make new memories with each other, to help Aaron slowly remember...

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