I Never Loved You{An Aphmau x Aaron Fanfiction}
I Never Loved You{An Aphmau x Aaron Fanfiction}  aphmau stories

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Aphmau has been having the same dream over and over again, it would never leave her alone... The memories, the flashbacks, the blood-soaked snow.... Everything that she caused in her own mind.. It was all her fault. Aaron was suffering because of her. The memories of being controlled would never leave her.

I Never Loved You{An Aphmau x Aaron Fanfiction}

Aaron looked at his lover's eyes in worry, they were as green as emeralds.... the feeling in her eyes were.. different...


She stared at him, she didn't even look like she knew him as she used to...

Ein smirked at his confusion and hurt, giving a knife to the girl Aaron once loved as she took it and looked at Ein for a command.

"Kill him..."

She smiled brightly, the smile that Aaron had always loved and cared for... and she went towards Aaron, gripping the knife in her hand as she rushed towards him, and Aaron back away from her.

"Aphmau!... Please, fight it.."

She didn't listen, she slashed at him as his eyes widened and he backed up more, not even fighting back.

He backed up out of the door as she chased after him and slashed him again with the knife, the blood from his open wound slowly bled out as Aaron flinched in pain.

"You should've listened, Aaron... You should've turned her."

The sound of his voice was making his eyes go in and out... he was trying to control himself though.

Aphmau slashed at him again, the wound getting deeper as it splattered all around the knife.

"Aph..... Please, he's controlling you... listen to me, please.."

It was like she couldn't hear him... She slashed at him again.

"The only reason I was ever with you was that you were so pitiful to look at! You were so lonely that you'd do anything just for some type of affection.

The only thing I felt around you was pity..... I never loved you. And I never will...."

Aaron's eyes were filled with tears as she said these things, he knew they weren't really what she would say... but it all felt so real to him.

Aphmau took one more slash at him before he fell unconscious, his body hit the cold ground as blood went all around the snow around him...

Aphmau looked at his bleeding body as Ein came outside to see the damage.

"Huh... He'll be dead soon, my pet... No reason to worry about it."

Aphmau suddenly felt tears falling from her eyes as she looked at him, she felt weak and helpless from what she had done...

Aphmau woke from her dream as she panted and looked over at her side to see Aaron, he was still there.... asleep.

She got up out of bed to walk around for a bit as she suddenly felt the sense of something wrong... almost as if the dream had been real.

She hurried back to Aaron and turned on the light to see if he was okay, Aaron woke up from the bright light as she sighed to herself in relief... but then she saw something else.

Her eyes flashed back to the scene... back to the blood-soaked scene that she created.

She started crying as she closed her eyes and Aaron got up to see what was wrong,

"Aph...? Are you okay?"

Aphmau looked away from him, tears falling from her cheeks as Aaron went over to her, hugging her as he wiped her tears away.

"What's wrong?"

"I-It's just a nightmare..."

"About what happened...?"


Aaron kissed her softly on the lips, holding her close to him as she cried on him.

"It's okay... we'll get through this."

Little did Aaron know... they would never get through this.

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