A Different Kind Of Comfort{A MyStreet Rachel x Derek Fanfiction}
A Different Kind Of Comfort{A MyStreet Rachel x Derek Fanfiction}  aphmau stories

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Derek ended up killing his best friend because of his anger, he couldn't do anything about it... he was already dead. He needed some type of comfort.

A Different Kind Of Comfort{A MyStreet Rachel x Derek Fanfiction}

Derek stared at his now in pain friend, panicking immediately as he tried to calm him down... but really, he knew he was going to die either way.

His friend's body suddenly became lifeless and the screaming stopped, Derek just stared at him for a while as he stepped back and looked around.

He saw all the people on the ground, lifeless because of him.

He felt weak... awful... regret... all of these things while he looked back at the first friend he had... This was his fault.

He ran off, back to his dorm room, back to where he was alone again... away from it all.

Derek locked the door behind him, staring at the wall.

He didn't even remember what he was so upset about... all he could think about was the screaming... the eyes... and the bodies. Everything he caused.

So many things could've been changed... everything would've still been fine... why couldn't he control himself...?

He wanted to disappear... just disappear so he wouldn't have to face anything ever again.

He went over to his bed, staring at the one across from it... a lump in his throat suddenly forming as he bit his lip and laid down...

He didn't wanna cry right now... he didn't deserve to... why should he act so pitiful? This was his fault after all...

He heard a knock on the door, getting up as he looked over at the door... he decided not to say anything... Dealing with people right now of all times nauseated him.

"Derek?... I know you're in there, I wanna talk to you."

Derek heard his partner's voice as he went over to the door, opening it for her.

"Hey... What do you need?"

"I was just coming over here to check on you... I saw what happened.."

Derek's eyes widened in fear,

"What do you mean...?"

"You already told me about that... I... I'm sorry about what happened."

"I killed him... Why are you sorry? This is my fault..."

"No... It's not. It's not at all your fault..."

Derek looked away from her, holding his breath as she looked at the few teardrops falling from his eyes.

"It's not..."

Rachel hugged him, Derek didn't accept the comfort though. He didn't deserve it.

He tried holding back his tears, biting his lip in every place possible... Even making it bleed.

"Derek... No.. Stop that. I said it's not your fault...."

"Yes, it is! I hurt him! I made him go in pain! I-I... I killed him! I wish I could just go back... This is my fault.."

Derek couldn't deal with it anymore... The tears started falling more from his eyes as Rachel softly pet his head and held him in her arms.

Derek could hardly breathe from how much he was crying, he couldn't stop it... but he wanted to.

"I-I'm sorry.."

"It's alright... you need some type of comfort anyway...."

Rachel tried dragging him back to the bed as Derek followed her, she laid him back on the bed as he whimpered to himself and she began to pet him.

Rachel got on the bed, playing with strands of his hair as she held him close to her and he started to cry again.

She kissed him softly on the forehead as he blushed and whimpered a bit, Rachel smiled to herself as she got closer to him and cuddled him a bit.

"I'll always be here for you... no matter what... Okay?"

"....You don't know if you really mean that..."

Rachel sighed, hugging him as she went through his hair gently.

"I mean it... with all my heart. I'm not gonna leave you.... I wanna marry you first."

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