Discovering The Magic of Fanfiction With Silverstream5683
Discovering The Magic of Fanfiction With Silverstream5683 fanfiction interview stories

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An interview with Silverstream5683! You can find his fanfiction at:

Discovering The Magic of Fanfiction With Silverstream5683

It all started because I was bored one day.

I searched for more stories about a show I was obsessed with at the time and discovered the world of fanfiction.

So far, I've been lucky. No negative or hateful reviews!

My first fanfiction story was also my most popular and longest work.

I loved Zootopia and discovered that an original Zootopia draft was going to be focused on Nick the fox, rather than Judy the rabbit.

I like characters who are confident yet broken so I loved the idea of writing a story around Nick. I published the first chapter the day after the movie came out.

Close to 37,000 words in, however, I couldn't keep doing it. I like to re-read earlier chapters of my stories and after re-reading this story, I couldn't even keep my own attention.

In a final update, I told everybody how the story ends and ended it there.

My proudest work, and the work I'm currently working on, is MaeBae. I like it because it speaks to me as an actual person. It's based off the new video game Night in the Woods.

I love the characters and their interactions. There are strong and capable characters that break down and go through the process of building themselves back up.

You can check that out on my fanfiction page in the description below.

A bit about my writing process:

I come up with a lot of story ideas in my head before I sleep. Some stories were just stuck in my head so I write them. I do chapters at a time.

I have a general outline, but as I write the details, things just happen.

Whenever you write a story, you’re never the one in control. The narrator doesn’t tell the characters what to do. The narrator tells the readers what the characters are doing.

You set them on that path and tell what happened when they go there.

Comment below: How do you come up with your fanfiction ideas?

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