Y/N x Five || Lost Words|| Fiction|| Part two
Y/N x Five || Lost Words|| Fiction|| Part two five hargreevs stories

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This is part two of my story. Hope you love it!!

Y/N x Five || Lost Words|| Fiction|| Part two

Everyone looked at me like why would i ask a question like that if he was literally stuck in the apocolypse, but then they turned their heads to look at him waiting for an answer.

"No why would I know someone with a dumb name like that, and even if i did know him why would i tell you?"

Maybe he does know him. I decided to stay quiet but something inside me just wanted to get to know him more...

"Are we going to talk about what just happened?"

Luther had spoke waiting for an answer but he never got one. He stood up in a way that it seemed he was angry but not at the same time.

"It's been 17 years"

"It's been a lot longer then that"

He then blinked to a different spot of the room. I wasn't surprised by it because well i could do that and more. I just haven't found the right time to tell Klaus.

"I haven't missed that"

"Where'd you go?"

Diego asked the question everyone was wondering..including me even though i have no clue who this kid is.

"The future. It's shit by the way"

"Called it!"

"its not the time to be calling things Klaus"

This was all confusing. My mind wasn't thinking right. I needed to get more information on this kid named "Five". Like who calls a kid that?

"I should've listened to the old man. You know, jumping through space is one thing, jumping through time is a toss of the dice." He stopped for a moment and looked at Klaus. "Nice dress"

"Oh, well, danke"

I giggled a little. Klaus is and always will be my best friend and funniest person i know.

Time skip to where five left the room and right now its just you and Klaus

"So Y/N, why'd you ask Five that question?"

"Oh um....no reason just thought he looked like someone i know-knew, i dont know"

"Oh ok"

Another time skip and you're in the living room

I dont really understand how he can look so much like Nicky. I dont want to cry but I might because i miss him so much. I'm going to stay strong and not cry.

Oh great Five is here, maybe i can ask him why he looked at me that way when I asked if he knew who Nicky was.

No I can't it doesn't matter, all that matters now is that I save the world so that Nicky and his family are happy.

"What are you doing in here?"

Oh-he asked me a question, i dont know what to say. I can't say 'I'm in here looking at your picture because it reminds me of someone i love'.

"Well Klaus went to get drunk and high so i'm just chilling here i guess"


That was very awkward, luckily Vanya came in so its not as awkward anymore. I did realize something though...he was in a uniform for some weird reason.

"Nice to know dad didn't forget me"

Now he is talking to Vanya and I'm just listening.

"Read your book by the way. Found it in a library that was still standing. I thought it was pretty good, all things considered. Yeah, definately ballsy, giving up the family secrets.

Sure that went over well."

"They hate me"

"I don't hate you Vanya"

"Yea well thanks, Y/N"

I just nodded at her. Five just totally ignored that.

"Oh, there are worse things that can happen"

"Like what happened to Ben?"

Ben Hargreeves, he was a good person-or is a good person. I can't tell them this just yet but I can see Ben and we're really close friends. Actually thats how i met Klaus.

He told me to just bump into him and if i could help him. I dont know if i did a good job with that considering he's out drinking and getting high right now.

"Was it bad?"

Vanya just nodded slightly. Luther came in and told us it was time to pour Reginalds ashes. We all left and went there. I was standing under the pink umbrella with Klaus.

"Did something happen?"

Huh? I was confused why did Grace ask that?

"Dad died. Remember?"

Allison reminded her but i dont think she really understood.

"Oh, yes of course"

That's all she replied with.

"Is mom ok?"

"Yeah, yeah, she's fine. She just needs to rest, you know recharge"

Pogo walked in. If i'm being honest Pogo is really adorable. He may be old but he's still pretty cute.

"Whenever you're ready dear boy"

Luther waited a bit before removing the top off of Reginalds ashes and poured it. Nothing really happened it just stayed in a pile.

"Probably would've been better with some wind"

Time skip during the fight

"We don't have time for this"

Five left, i was confused so i followed him. We're now in his room, well i'm in the doorway.

"What do you mean, 'we dont have time for this'?"

"That is none of your concern"

I mean the fact that he said 'we dont have time for this' could be a considence, but maybe not.

"Well i'm making it my concern"

"Y/N stop. He's not going to give in. I've lived with him for 13 years he's stubborn."

"Oh shut up"

"Excuse me?"

"I wasn't talking to you."

Really Ben, now isn't the time to be talking to me. I gotta get him to tell me what he's talking about.

"Why are you still here?"

"Because I can be"

He teleported to me and said.

"I know who you are Y/N and i know you know who I am-who i was. That's not me anymore. You failed trying to save my Harper family. I saw you dead with my Hargreeves family in the future.

I don't want to see that again so i'm here trying to save the world, so if that's what you wanted me to say then there i said it. Now stop distracting me."

I didn't know what to say or do. I felt so bad. I'm on the verge of crying so i looked away. It really is Nicky, or was? I dont understand. I just want to hug him so that's what I did.

I hugged him and surprisingly he slowly hugged me back. His hugs were always so warm and nice. I just melted into the hug and didn't let go.

He hugged me tightly and for a moment I heard him cry but i dont think he was.

"I'm sorry"

"For what?"

"For leaving you, Dawn, Ricky, Dicky, and your parents. I just wanted you all to live"

"It's ok I did the same"

"Wait, how did you get to this reality?"

"Well if I'm being honest i dont know, but i have to go. It was good seeing you Y/n"

He let go of the warm hug that had given me butterflies and left. Once he left I just started crying. I couldn't tell if it was happy tears or not but I'm glad he knows who I am.

Now I know that I will never lose nicky-or five again.

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