Fallout pt. 1
Fallout pt. 1
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This story is and Toka Sato, a 23 year old survivor of a nuclear war. He did not come out the same though he is gifted with special powers. But will he survive the Fallout?

Fallout pt. 1

She's one of those things.

The fungus grew on her face her hands everywhere. All you had to do was just come with me!

I have no choice im sorry Willow...

I jolted awake, I looked around to see if I was at that god forsaken town.

Turns out it was just a nightmare, im still at my barn its not the best place to live but its still home.

Its been about 15 years and 17 days since the zombies attacked and killed my parents, and 8 years and 21 days since I had to kill my sister Willow.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday..

I heard screaming from the house across the barn some of the zombies must have killed someone.

I got out my crossbow and the last of my pepper spray and bolted to the grey townhouse

I bashed though the door and and I was too late, the fungus already took over her body. At lightning speed I shot down three zombies with my crossbow . Flung a plate and one of the zombies throat and quickly shooting at it. and throwing a kitchen knife at one of the zombies head .

I decided to go loot the house since nobody lived hear anyway I checked the fridge and got some bread, ketchup, beer, cheese, ham, and Fanta, I looked though the living room stepping over the bodies and found a blanket, batteries, and a pillow. I didn't find anything a would need in the other rooms.

Whelp time to start the day..

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