Solo (Poem #9)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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But now I am solo ...

Solo (Poem #9)

You haven't been here in a while,

And I have so much shit to tell you,

From boys to my family and to my friend's,

Then how I feel on the inside.

I currently feel like rupturing,

I usually feel like breaking,

I always feel like dying.

I miss you,

And I know that I can't do anything anymore,

Especially if that is to get you back,

You're already too far gone.

I can't be broken again,

I am delicate.

I may nit be the best at my choices,

My past speaks for itself all too well,

But you weren't a choice,

You simply were my whole life.

I wish I could do something,

I wish I could see you,

I wish I could hold you,

But I've been solo for the past six years.

If this is it,

I feel hopeless.

I hate living my life without you,

Mothers and daughters are supposed to stay together,

They can't leave one another,

They have to build each other up.

But now I am solo,

I have to build myself up alone,

And that's alright.

I still pray,

I still feel,

I still believe.

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