Silent Days (Poem #3)
          Silent Days (Poem #3) poetry stories

falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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On those silent days ...

Silent Days (Poem #3)

On the coldest of nights,

I sit to myself, wrapped up in my blankets,

Not caring about the worries of the world,

I am in my own little headspace.

With the moon held high in the sky,

I smile to myself as I look at the beauty within,

Seeing all of the things most couldn't,

The moonlight is oddly calming towards me.

I am shaken to the core,

As I watch you from afar,

I stay quiet to myself as I watch you,

Silently but clearly I do.

I am silent those days,

I don't say much like I usually do,

I simply keep to myself,

Wondering if you'll ever notice me.

When I meet you on those silent days,

I simply smile and you smile back,

But do you know who I am personally?

No and you probably don't even give a damn.

On those cold night when I am alone,

I think of you like I always do,

If I don't take this chance,

I will never be sure how you feel.

My daydreams are crazy as I've got my eyes wide,

Because you said that you're doing well,

Baby, I feel the same,

Because whatever you are, I truly wanna be.

On those silent nights,

I am all alone thinking to myself,

Not about the world,

But about you.

Silent days come and go,

But my feelings for you never will.

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