Know Me (Poem #23) |FEAT: Colby|
           Know Me (Poem #23)

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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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And you don't know me anymore ...

Know Me (Poem #23) |FEAT: Colby|

I might seem so bitter now,

But I can promise you that this won't last.

I just want to be supported,

Because you know me all too well now.

I cry whenever we argue,

Because I miss you so dearly when I am with you.

I don't want to lose you,

But I know that I can't keep getting you back.

I want you back,

And my heart is starting to feel weaker.

But it's too late to go back,

and I see a light trying to seep through the cracks.

It brings a shiver to my shoulders and a chill to my spine,

Just wishing and hoping I could forget you and leave it all behind.

Sometimes I still miss you but dread the things you've done,

You've pushed me away and denied things you've told me were true,

Even all those last goodbye texts full of "I love you.."

For those texts now go to someone new,

I'm now tired and I've been shunned.

But just to let ya know,

I got the better one.

And you don't know me anymore,

I am now a different girl.

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