Kamikaze (Poem #25)
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falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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Don't mess with the Kamikaze ...

Kamikaze (Poem #25)

For me nothin' comes easy,

Now you can call me a nazi or a commi,

but call me Kamikaze,

Cause he was and is me, an' forever will be.

Life just sucks the joy outta everything.

Its honestly, saddening, an' puts me in denial

Let's hope for a revival

What, you entitled?

It's the grim reaper, kamikaze for short

Comin' for all you orts, I don't support you

An' like passive transport, it takes no energy to beat you.

Assert, then convert, an' insert, to invert, lil uzi vert, then revert and subvert

Your bleeding heart, an' tear it apart, whatta work of art

With no energy to exert.

Cause, Ima, kami, kaze

For me, nothin' comes easy

Now you can call me a nazi or a commi, but call me kamikaze.

Cause he was and is me, an' forever will be

Nobody seen this side of me, I been hiding

When I get fiery and feisty, if others are aggravating.

But my fuse is live

Kk in the cockpit, goin' on the nosedive

Listenin' on the inside, hearin' all the silent cries.

Lucky to be alive, thinkin' of My Life

But only one can thrive, or survive

My planes crashin', now everyone gonna die.

The plane's wing are crashing, angel wings falling

The death are counting, I know it's shocking

And y'all still makin' a mockery.

Souls are leaving, you're all hell bound

Hear that sound?

They're coming after me

After this you'll remember me.

So don't mess with the Kamikaze,

Don't mess with my family.

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