I See Red (Poem #20)
        I See Red (Poem #20) poem stories

falon "Don't try to be something you're not."
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I see red ...

I See Red (Poem #20)

I look in the mirror and constantly feel regret,

My hands are coated with a deep color,

And my skin is tainted with sharp cuts,

My hair is matted with a thick matter.

I look on the ground and see you there,

Just lying in a pool of your own liquids,

Your skin now a light blue,

Your body is now freezing cold.

What a fool you must have been,

To think that I wouldn't have found out like I did,

With that gun pressed to your skull,

All I see now is red and more red.

I then turn around,

Seeing her right there,

Watching me cautiously,

The gun is still in my hand.

"Please, wait!"

She tries to plea with me,

But the rage within takes control,

And I lay my finger on the trigger.

"Falon, you don't understand!"

She still cries out to me,

But my heart is racing,

And I feel my hand shaking.

Tears roll down my cheeks as I tilt my head,

The blonde is looking at me,

Her poor eyes pleading,

But I don't fall for it.

I see red all over my hands and arms,

Kros' blood coats me,

And soon this woman's will,

So I pull the trigger.

And the bullet flies towards her,

And then she drops in red.

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