Skyrim (A Book) is finally here (Chapter 1)
Skyrim (A Book) is finally here (Chapter 1) romance stories

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My Life (Chapter 1) Here in Tamriel things are different... It's fight for your life or die in doing so... All is against you... My name is Kazdarsha and I am 25 years of age.

Skyrim (A Book) is finally here (Chapter 1)

My Life (Chapter 1)

Here in Tamriel things are different... It's fight for your life or die in doing so... All is against you... My name is Kazdarsha and I am 25 years of age.

Now I am not like other Khajiit, I am quite a bit more intelligent than my feline brethren.

I have been alone for 14 years, living in the woods of skyrim, not thieving or annoying some nord to buy my cloth for a large amount of gold.

I have not come in contact with even a mere hunter in these woods, the last beings I saw were the bandits destroying my home and slaughtering my family whole.

Only reason I was spared from that fate is because I was just returning from fishing at the river. After seeing that massacre I just left and didn't go back.

I just continued walking, I didn't even go back for revenge for my family, I just gave up... And haven't seen a single being for 14 years, until now...

I am coming up on a path and see a woman nord on a horse go by and get shot off of her horse and fall to the ground breaking the arrow with contact to the ground. She stands and draws her sword.

"Get back, I have done nothing to you, why are you chasing me!" she bellows. In response another arrow gets shot back at her.

I take my bow from my back, draw and fire upon the arrow sending it off the path to her head. I look to where the arrow had come from and see seven bandits charging her position.

I jump down from the tree I am in and mid fall I fire an arrow into the neck of the first bandit I see, as soon as I land I fire a second into the chest of the next bandit.

The five remaining bandits stop immediately and stare at me. "This has nothing to do with you, cat!" I stare back in response.

"Get out of the way or you will be dead too!" "Who says that you can kill me, bandit" The bandits look to each other and laugh, they all pull out their bows and fire at me.

I jump into the air and fire back a burst of five arrows to each of their necks, killing them all instantly...

I turn to the nord behind me who has now collapsed to the ground and is bleeding out. I put my bow back on my back and ready my best restoration spell and run to her.

"It is ok ma'ame, I can heal you, first I must remove this arrow" She just looks up to me and closes her eyes. I pull out my dagger and stab it into where the arrow lodged itself into her flesh.

I shove the dagger deep into her skin and push the wood of the arrow, she screams in response and digs her fingers into my back.

I then push on the wood until I can no longer, she is crying now, I lift her up and pull the arrow from her back.

I lie her down gently and start using my restoration spell on her wounded shoulder. She has passed out and is unconscious.

I look to find her horse but it is long gone, I sigh and lift her and put her over my shoulder and head into the woods with her.

I walk deep into the woods, heading right for I remember how to get to my makeshift home, I soon reach my home, a small wooden hut.

I kick open the door and walk straight to my bed and lie this stranger into my bed.

I continue using my restoration spell on her shoulder for a bit longer then leave my home, closing the door behind me.

It is time to hunt for food, what should I hunt? Deer or bear? Whichever I see first is probably the best idea.

I climb up the trees using my large claws and get as high as I possibly can while being able to see the ground.

I then jump from tree to tree, searching for prey, I now, for the first time in 14 years, get to hunt for someone else's needs then only just my own.

By the third jump I see a small wolf, this will do, I slide down the tree with my claws and as I land on to the ground I fire an arrow straight into the creature's neck,

killing the poor mutt instantly. I walk to the wolf and pick it up by the tail and throw it over my shoulder upon my back.

I now start on my way back to my home, to ready this food and feed my guest.

It only takes a bit of time to reach my home, the nord still sleeps upon my bed, I sigh and go to my fire in front of my home.

I light it and cut open the wolf, taking out the meat that is edible and setting it above the fire to cook.

I take a pale and head to the little stream to the west of my hut, walking past the spriggans that inhabit the forests around my home,

they do not attack me for I am peaceful with them so them I. I wave to them and they stare back, noticing my peaceful presence.

I have now reached the stream to the west, I dump the pale into the water filling it.

I pull it from the water and start my way back to my home, passing the peaceful spriggans and to the food upon the fire.

I place the pale of water by the fire and pull the meat off and place them on a large wooden plate. I turn to the door and enter my home and see if the nord has awoken yet.

She is lying on her back staring at the roof of the hut "Hello, are you feeling well enough to eat?" "Thank you, yes I am, that is very generous of you khajiit, what is your name?

" "It is Kazdarsha, and yours ma'ame?

" "It is Hera" "Ok good you can call me Kaz if you would like, one moment I shall now retrieve your dinner" I exit and look to the sky, it is getting dark, and when it gets dark, it gets cold.

I grab the plate and the pale and bring them inside and shut the door behind me.

"I killed a wolf and cooked it, I have also brought water from the stream to the west, I hope that you are fine with the dinner" "Its is just fine, I am just thankful for your help,

you do not have to feed me Kazdarsha" "It is my duty Hera" "Your duty, what are you going on about?" I look at her and shake my head "My family was killed by bandits some fourteen years ago.

I just feel it is my duty to prevent so from happening to anyone else, and you are included in so.

" Hera looks from the meat then to me, "I am sorry, I did not know Kazdarsha" I chuckle, "Of course you did not know we just met Hera,

you could not have" She bites into the wolf meat, drinks from the pale of water and smiles "I suppose that is true, but thank you for saving my life,

I am sure I would not of made it out of that fight in one piece or even alive" "T'was not a problem mame, where are you from" "Riften,

east of here I believe" "That's some distance even upon horse, why are you this far from home?" "Well, I was convicted of a crime I had no part of" "Oh, and what t'was this crime?

" She stifles upon the bed, "The murder of my husband" she lowers her head looking directly at the plate the meat lies upon.

"Im sorry Herra, but how do they know it was you?" "They have no evidence of so" I look out the window above the head of my bed.

"Riften guards are not the brightest ones, I was there a few times with my family way back on merchant or shopping trips,

it was so easy to fool them" I laugh trying to lighten the mood and succeed, she laughs along too, I smile.

"Well you can stay here with me, I can build another hut if you would want so" Hera looks at me and then to the food, "Yes, I would like to stay with you,

you do not need to build me a hut though" "A new bed?" "It is not required" She grins finishing her food and lies down upon my bed. I chuckle and lie beside her on the bed and sleep.

The next day...

Morning has come upon us and light shines through the window onto us two in the bed we lie in. Hera has wrapped herself around me lying on top of me, her head dug into my chest fast asleep.

I smile at the sweet innocence of her sleep. She is so young, looks to be the age of 19. I lie in the bed for some time until she wakes and pushes herself up with her arms. She looks from my ches

t to my face and blushes, she stammers "I-I-Im so sorry Kaz!" I smile at her young innocence "It is fine Hera I do not mind, I quite enjoyed how sweet you looked" She blushes even more at this. S

he rolls back to her side of the bed and looks to me "I guess you were just so warm, I could not resist cuddling" I laugh, "How old are you Hera" "I am eighteen, soon to be nineteen" "Oh, you are

quite young Hera, married at your age?" "Yes, parents forced it, that's one of the reasons they thought I murdered him..." "Well that is a quite unfortunate series of events ma'ame" "I suppose s

o" "Where would you like to go, I have not gone to a city with others in some time and I would see it as rude to leave my beautiful guest at my home alone" "That is so kind of you Kaz, I would li

ke to go anywhere but that drowned city, for quite a few reasons" she chuckles" "Whiterun then" "Yes, that is a fine place to travel to, I have been there only once though" "It is fine, I know a

good path through the woods to reach the paths that will soon lead us to our destination" "Hey Kaz?" "Yes?" "How old are you?" "I am twenty-five years old Hera" "Wow you are quite old" "For you,

yes, but for Khajiit I am but an infant" I chuckle. "How long do Khajiit live?" "Many years longer than Nords, about two hundred and fifty years, my mother was one hundred and five years at my bi

rth and she looked to be your age" "Oh, that is strange, so you are young for a khajiit, wow" I nod and laugh softly "Yes I guess I am" I roll out of bed to a full stand and look to her "Well I a

m going to hunt for break, you can come along or stay here and wait." Hera looks to me with a cute, quizzical expression then nods her head "Yes, I would like to come with you Jaz" "Well come alo

ng young one" She grins at this and follows me out of the door. "So what are we hunting for?" I look down to her as we are walking in the woods under the trees "What would you like?" "Vale Deer w

ould be nice, but anything would do" "Then Vale Deer it is..."

End of Chapter 1 I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for chapter 2! Chapter 2 may come out this Friday or Monday of next week I am unsure, show some support to motivate me to get it out faster, much love, author of Skyrim (A Book)

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