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He edits through and I edit my pyramid into a ramp. The John Wick hits my pyramid until it breaks, I jump up and place a ramp. My opponent looks around thinking of his next move. He goes to the right of my box and rockets it, destroying it entirely. I stand there in the open looking at him not knowing what to do.

Fortnite (A Fictional Novel)

As I aim down the sights of my golden scar I knew I would win; I knew I could win the world cup.

I fire upon the last two opponents third partying them like a coward, but to win you must attack your opponent at their weakest time, and that is now.

I hit the first one in the arm then the head, he falls before me, I now fire upon the second one hitting him in the leg. He builds up a one by one to heal and I continue to fire upon him.

He edits the roof and shoots a rocket at me. He hits my floor and I fall down to his level and I get injured.

My opponent, a John Wick, edits out the back of his one by one, he must of have had chug splashes to heal that quickly or just did not care, he does nineties until he is five stories above me.

He reloads his rocket launcher and fires upon me once again. I box up into a one by one, place a campfire on the floor, then a pyramid, and I wait for the rocket to hit my box.

The blast destroys the roof of my one by one and I stumble to the ground.

The John Wick pulls out a tactical smg, the most broken gun in the game twenty damage a shot with a fire rate that can be compared to a minigun, he fires upon me,

I get up and spam build a floor and a pyramid above me to protect me from the hellfire from above. Finally the John Wick jumps off his nineties and water falls down to my box.

The John Wick takes out his pickaxe and hits my wall once, then twice it breaks, then he places his wall there before I could even pull out my builds.

He edits through and I edit my pyramid into a ramp. The John Wick hits my pyramid until it breaks, I jump up and place a ramp. My opponent looks around thinking of his next move.

He goes to the right of my box and rockets it, destroying it entirely. I stand there in the open looking at him not knowing what to do.

Before the Match

I am sitting in the pre game pondering what could happen. I barely made it into the world cup and there are people who made it to the top without trying, while I tried my best.

I ready up with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. "I hope I get a bot lobby," I say. But this match was no ordinary match.

It is the world cup where the best of the best come to see, well, who is the best. The battle bus is loaded and we are off above the island ready to land wherever our hearts desire.

Where I land

I decide to go to Salty Springs, not many people came with me just two or three. I land on the roof of the blue house on the west side of Salty Springs and break in and open the chest.

My heart dropped as I see a gray pistol, a few bandages and some ammo drop from the chest. I pick it all up and break down the floor.

I land on the stairs and see a gold tactical shotgun laying on the floor upstairs and I run to pick it up. I pick it up and hear footsteps outside. I start shaking in fear of what could happen.

The steps come closer then closer and closer then stop, I hear a door open. I place a floor and a ramp on the stairs and go on to the roof and run towards the front of the house.

I look down to see a soccer skin staring at me with a pump shotgun.

I jump to the left in fear and shoot him with my golden tactical shotgun in the head, they die instantly leaving behind all of their loot as they fall to the ground and disappear.

I look down the street to the other houses scanning the windows for anyone nearby. It seems that it was only me and the soccer skin that landed here.

But all the sudden an Omega with an RPG is on the roof of the house I landed at.

How did I not see him! He chuckles and fires upon me with the RPG I put myself in a one by one and edit out the back and go back into the house I landed in.

I hear an explosion and I instantly place a trap above the door and run down the stairs to the basement. The Omega runs in and gets hit by the trap.

He runs to the backdoor and starts using a medkit. I hear him using the medkit so I run back upstairs and go to him. As I turn the corner he pulls out his RPG and fires at me.

I place a wall in between us and the explosion kills him as well as destroying the wall. The Omega falls to the ground in defeat and disappears.

All of his loot spreads out on the floor including his RPG. I grab the RPG and put it into my inventory for later use and take his medkit.


I leave through the backdoor and head towards Gotham City. I am still in the safe circle so I should be safe from the storm.

I climb through the skeleton of the polar peak monster that was killed by the giant robot in the end of season nine and encounter a default with his pickaxe out looking around aimlessly.

I smile and go to the default and do the boneless emote. He looks at me blankly and does the default dance and spins around.

All of the sudden I hear a heavy sniper fire and I see the default fall to the ground and disappear leaving behind a grey pistol and some materials.

I instantly box up into a one by one and place a pyramid on the floor and the roof. I see a Sparkle Specialist jump down from the ribs of the skeleton onto my one by one.

She pickaxes the pyramid once, twice, then places her pyramid and edits it. I edit my roof and shoot her in the body dealing 110 damage. She edits her pyramid and resets it.

I reset my roof also. She jumps to the side of my one by one and uses a mini shield. I edit through the corner of my wall and one shot her.

I look to the left then the right, I box up and look at the map.

The map shows the circle is heading towards loot lake and pleasant park i'm going to have to run for it, oh wait, I have a launchpad that I can use to get to the giant rift orb above loot lake.

I build up six ramps and place a floor and then the launch pad and jump onto it. I get launched up high into the air above the giant skeleton.

I pull out my mako glider and glide all the way to the giant rift orb, I finally touch it and get shot up high into the air. I head towards the mountain between Pleasant Park and The Block.


I land beside the station that lies upon the mountain. I head right through the front door and get shot in the stomach with a pump shotgun. Who shot me was a peely skin.

I jump up and head shot him instantly killing him. He dropped to the ground and disappears leaving behind his green pump, blue assault rifle, purple RPG, and six minis, and also max materials.

This guy must have camped and farmed a lot. He was not very skilled so it was his best choice, if he was skilled I would of been one pumped and died there on the spot and lost the game.

I collect the loot then I break the roof then jump and place a ramp below me then I jump again placing a floor then building a metal one by one.

I scan the area around me like a hawk seeing every one by one with some being assaulted by other players.

I see an Iconic skin taking the zipline and jumps off the zipline and starts building ramps. He builds five ramps to get above me a bit.

I spam the walls and the roof and he fires his RPG and I rebuild the walls and the roof. As he reloads I edit the wall to the left away from the zipline and ninety up to my opponent.

He RPGs my nineties right when I get two stories above him and I fall and headshot him for 121 he boxes up in a one by one and takes a mini shield, then a second one.

I take his wall and edit through the top right corner, jump and one shot him and build a box around me. I reset the wall I once edited and hit it with my scythe pickaxe called The Reaper.

And I go to collect the Iconics loot. I take all of his walls and the roof with a pyramid.

I edit a window to see a rocket heading towards me and I get snipped for 150, I reset the wall and hold the walls waiting for the rocket to hit.

It hits destroying that wall and I just rebuild it. I look once again at the Iconic skins look and see a chug jug, perfect. I use it and now I am at full health and shields.

I look towards where the rocket had came from and whimpered. So many rockets coming at me it looked as if I was getting triple teamed on.


I edit out the back of my one by one and slide down the mountain and run towards Pleasant Park. I get sniped at and the bullet soared past my head and destroys the car behind me.

I box up in a one by one outside of the safe circle, I need to get in! Three, two, one I am in the storm. Two players start spamming me with snipes and assault rifle fire.

I start tunneling towards Pleasant Park. Forty health left, thirty-four, thirty-two, it is a two tic. I use one chug splash granting me twenty health and continue tunneling to Pleasant Park.

I finally made it to the gas station in Pleasant Park.

I build up to the roof of the gas station and destroy my ramp and then construct a one by two and use two campfires and stand in between them.

Eighty health, ninety six health, one hundred health. Full health and full shields this is good, those two bots missed every shot now I am going to kill them.

I take out my RPG and fire at their one by one and fire my assault rifle. I continuously fire breaking their walls. The rocket is right in front of their wall.

I break the wall with my heavy sniper and the rocket makes it in killing the two.

The End Game

The circle has closed around Pleasant Park and now is about to change.

Three, two, one, the safe circle shifts towards Junk Junction and it is pretty small considering it is the fourth storm phase dealing five health each second you are in the circle.

I head towards Junk Junction in between two mountains I hear gun fire and I look up to see two opponents firing at each other.

They seemed to not notice me so I went on my way, one of them was a John Wick... I scurry along to Junk Junction and atop the mountain with a giant metal llama behind it. (I am sorry but this st

ory is 15K+ characters and this website has a 10K character limit)

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