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falling_angel I'm on and off but still in use
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I am way overrated.

Simple Words

All I do is create simple phrases.

And in return, you hand me likes and comments.

As if what I say matters.

All I say is things you already know.

Things you already feel.

Well, guess what?

I am a magician.

Making water into wine.

The trick is a small bottle of red dye in the hand. And as the magician turns the glass, The red dye makes the water red, Making it look as if it were wine.

My comparison might be a little confusing for some so let me break it down.

I take my page, And I squirt a little of emotion into it. And I swirl my poem around, Then it looks as if it's a masterpiece. But it isn't.

My 'work' is nothing but feelings, perceptions, and words.

Simple words.

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