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falling_angelI Don't Know
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Lots of dark lost feelings i've never really said before...

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I have a really huge problem with people who think they are better than everybody else.

Yes, this gets me into lots of trouble.

No, i cannot fix my "attitude"

I spent over a decade of my life living as a robot.

Doing as told.

Holding in all my emotions.

Leting people use me and push me around.

You know what that got me?

Abused, raped, hurt, depressed, I got anxiety, bullied, a useless therapist, fake friends, fake family, a drug-addicted mother, and being treated like a useless disposable child.

Then one day my brain clicked.

Now I can not hold my anger in anymore.

The only thing getting me through life is my love.

But when something irritates me you better believe I'm going to show it.

Weather its grinding my teeth, clenching my fist, punching myself, cutting myself, yelling, crying, giving you evil stares, or anything else.

None of those are meant to offend people. Half of the time I dont realize I'm doing it. Its how I am now.

Im done.

I can not stop the fire in my heart or the migraines waging wars in my head.

You want peace then cut me out of your life.

My life is not peaceful and neither am I.

I have issues.

If you're going to stay with me through it all then thank you.

If your not its ok, thanks for being here but i dont have time to let people in and watch them leave.

I dont have that much love left in me.

But if you ever need me, im here <3

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