I am just a child

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I am just a child

Who exactly do you think I am?

A child?

Something you could just toss around?

How bout you just make another promise to me you can't keep :)

And don't even start with the,

"You should talk to me instead of just posting it on commaful three days after an argument",

Because Fuck it. I am posting this right fucking now.

And no a sorry won't make me feel better.

I was cooking you dinner, I packed all my stuff to go hang out with you for the weekend, I bought a bunch of candy for us to eat, I took a long ass shower, did all my laundry, I even put of my favorite outfit...

But just like last week, Something Came Up.

Last week it was, "I am too tired and they are making me work fridays now." Today it's "My warehouse is making me work tomorrow, and anybody who doesn't show up will be fired"

I mean, every weekend i'm trying to just understand. Your tired, so you should just not pick me up last friday, lets just do it next week. This week it's your gonna be fired if you don't show up for work on saturday. I get it, you need to keep that job.

But I can't help but wonder, what's gonna happen next week when you are "going to pick me up"

I know it's unfair that i should be mad at you, but is it?

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