The Tree of Love
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In my heart there lies a tree.

The Tree of Love

Here is the tree of love, in all of it's glory.

It stands in my heart and has many memories.

Many have come and gone, visited once or twice, and left.

But all have left their mark here on this ancient tree.

No axe can fell this great tree, but simple knives can scar.

But the cuts upon it, in my opinion, do not make it marred.

It has it's own beauty, just like what one would expect from a tree.

There are many names carved here, deep into the bark of this great tree.

And many who have inscribed it, no longer visit this old tree.

Their names are inconsequential, as they all sought love that they got.

And it is ever extending to them. As this tree and I care a lot.

On it are all the things who have visited, From the largest person to the solitary ant that happened by.

All of them are loved, and that love will never die.

Happiness and pain both can fade with time, but the care that this tree gives out is unbeholden to the laws of time.

I care for all of you, even if you are no longer mine. And I will always remember fondly, when I look upon all that you've inscribed.

Thank you for sharing your stories, as I shared with each of you mine.

And I pray you don't forget me either, that you look upon the happy times.

For love is ever flowing, and So do the rivers of time.

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