The Person In The Mirror
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The person in the mirror is different for everyone. Can you live with them?

The Person In The Mirror

I frown, getting out of bed is such a chore.

I wish I could sleep for hours more.

You ever wished life had a fast forward button?

Well I do.

Then I wouldn't have to spend years with him.

The guy in the mirror.

He has my face,

He has my style,

But I hate those things,

They're vile.

The man in the mirror is aged and angry,

But I'm just a boy,

I lost years.

Abuse aged me far beyond,

And now he glares back at me,

While I wish that wasn't me.

But it is.

I turn back.

I look at him.

I look at me.

I see the youth that I used to not see,

The glint in my eyes,

The mischievous smirk,

But I also see the undereye bags from nights at work,

I wish I looked better.


But the sands of time have come and gone,

And I have accept what I've become.

I look years above my age,

But perhaps that isn't bad.

I suppose that I could be a handsome lad.

But I will toil not with that which isn't broken.

Because as much as I can hate my face,

I have to admit that truer words, are oft thought, not spoken.

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