Relapse? Relax.
Relapse? Relax.
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem on self harm and those struggling with their inner demons.

Relapse? Relax.

You don't need to be better.

You don't need to be clean.

Hell, the very idea of that is quite obscene

What you need is people supporting you,

So you don't fight your battles alone,

So you don't feel trapped in a cage within your home,

and the one who needs to be supporting you the most is you.

For the greatest weapon you have against the demons is not a what but who,

The demons within may wrestle for control,

You may feel ever weaker,

Feel they can wrest away control,

And the future may seem bleaker,

But don't give up your soul.

Think of it like this,

muscles need to be used,

sometimes even torn to grow stronger.

So if the demons inside make you think yourself by them abused,

Think that way no longer,

For my friend, you cannot lose.

Because although it seems bleaker,

And you feel alone and stressed,

You're not alone and depressed,

Because you're surrounded by love.

Imagine it as the light touch of a white dove,

So go ahead darling,

Fight those battles is you must,

But I will sit proclaiming,

"I do not find this just."

Because who are others to summon demons,

To fracture and damage you... To make you feel unwhole?

No matter the battles, no matter the marks.

I will never leave you in the dark.

Because my dear, you're not alone,

I'm here to tell you,

That you're simply... Home.

This place is safe.

So if you ever relapse...


If you look in the mirror, and see scars, invisible or not?

It's just another tally in the series of battles you have fought,

Remember that you're still standing.

That you won those battles and that together we are banding.

So mark down those tallies, see your strength within.

So next time the demons struggle for power,

You can make them cower.

For the demons cannot win.

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