No Happy Ending
No Happy Ending pain stories
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Deserving of nothing but the least.

No Happy Ending

With every lie he spouts, he digs a deeper hole.

With every time he spouts a lie, he loses his control.

He breaks down and laughs away the guilt from broken hearts.

But he can't chase it away so the guilt tears him apart.

So with this lovely desperation his wishes so hard for someone to fix him.

Yet all who try just end up in pain and pushed to his social outer rim.

There is no fixing what is not broken. And sometimes things come built to break other things apart.

Whether it be family or friends or his favorite people's hearts.

Yet there are things this chaotic boy cannot break or smash.

For if he did, he'd feel pain from self hate wielding a whip with which to lash.

A handful of hearts, and seldom few who he truly trusts.

These people who he trusts crept into his life like rust.

He doesn't know from where they came, they just slowly entered his life.

And removing them now is impossible as it will only cause him strife.

But he wishes they would hate him, treat him as a beast.

As he truly deserves. Give him no respect but the least.

He wants them all to hate him. Make it all easier to destroy. He wants them all to say goodbye.

As he cries out that "It would be easier to make the world as dead and hollow as I."

He's so tired and sick of pretending. He may be good but he breaks all that he attempts at mending.

That's why he does not understand the helping hands they're all lending.

Because in his eyes, a man like him deserves no happy ending.

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