Never - A poem on society
Never - A poem on society greed stories
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem on greed in our society.

Never - A poem on society

Never trust society for society always lies.

If you trust, in the end you're the one who cries,

as the poverty stricken suffer,

and and these authors keep bending,

like a reed before strong wind,

and in the end you see that nobody wins,

scratches mar your face,

scratches mar your soul,

this is what happens when society takes its toll, and as the poor suffer,

the rich loudly hurrah,

for in this world of fame and fortune, there is noone to awe,

because humans can be so greedy,

reaching for what they do not have,

and not bothering to give to others what they do not want,

They think that earned it,

like some kind of savant,

and there there are those demons, extra greedy, greasy thieves,

and when their fat fingers lash out they loot and steal and lie,

taking money and medicine,

causing more people to cry and die,

I hate these greedy people,

taking that they did not earn,

and when it reaches our final hours,

lets push them into hell and watch them burn.

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