Melting Heart
Melting Heart friend stories

fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem about desiring a friend with whom you can be truly happy and your best self.

Melting Heart

He reads the kind words strewn across the paper, knowing they aren't for him. His heart aches longingly, but time has him waiting.

Her beautiful words inspire, but they also bring pain, because he's glad to see her happy, but would love for kind words like hers to be his again.

His friends have found their niche, the place they all can be, but he is still searching for a place he cannot see.

He has spent many a day alone, with no one with whom to speak, and in the frozen nights, his heart dares spring a leak.

Sadness flows out, longing for at least a companionable friend, for someone to talk to, as soon as the days end.

Someone to chat the night away, having words to share. Someone who challenges him, when others might not dare.

He may be a pained person, with a heart that's bruised and bent. But he's not an evil or cruel boy, he's just dealing with the things he's lent.

So crying out to the world, he asks for just one thing.

He wants to finally meet someone, in whose ears his words do ring.

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