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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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My darling, for you.

Lovely things

Truly whimsical feelings flood within my chest.

They break on rocks within me, nearly shattering my breath.

Cascading through the depths of me, I'd like to come out and say,

That I hate pining for you, each and every day.

I want you next to me, to hold in my arms at last,

To wrap my arms around you, I'll not let you past,

Without setting my lips on your skin, to lay a kiss upon your cheek.

To be able to wipe the tears of your eyes away, no matter how much they may leak.

Because they say wholesome love is impossible.

That I can't love you without your bodily form.

That lusting only for beauty is the norm.

But I want you heart and soul, mind and body too.

Because no matter what they say, I'll always look at you.

I've only written sappy poetry for three people in my life,

And should someone be spiteful, I'll simply wish them strife.

Because although I do believe I love you, and would love to set my lips upon your tender skin.

I'd rather wait forever, than let others hate and win.

So lovely thing I do dearly adore,

Do you think I'll wait forever? Or are you waiting for the same thing I'm waiting for?

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