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It started out as a self aware thing... But it morphed into something I didn't see coming.

His Person

He looks in the mirror,

Knowing it's wrong to view people this way.

He twirls his finger,

Pitting girl against boy and hurting others.

Does he care?


He was broken years earlier in the mind.

So he turned to others to make them his puppets for his pain.

His seeking of affection was hidden.

He hid from love to hide from pain.

He'd rather be hated than liked, but everyone liked his lies.

Like a spider he sat waiting.

His web of words tangling everyone inside.

He stumbled across a girl,

He left his web to see her world.

She showed him that he was a monster.

Became what he most despised.

So he saw fit to shrink himself.

He set aflame his web of lies.

With the girl by his side he felt better,

Realized love was not such a pain,

But then after his web finished burning,

Letting everyone free from his lies,

The girl that he thought loved him,

She removed her own mask of guise.

He felt quite alone and spurned.

He was naught but a toy for her lust,

Everything he had felt was a bust.

He collapsed himself even smaller...

Resolved to stay away from the light.

Because being a main part was just painful.

He hid in other's shadows.

He had lost all his will to fight.

He kept his presence minimal.

Destroyed his chances of friendship.

Denied any possibility.

He longs now to be noticed... And realized that he was like art.

He wanted to be a GOOD sculpture...

He wanted someone to love all his parts.

Because he was quite broken.

He fell apart every few days.

He resolved to pick up a pen.

For if his voice was too weak then he'd search with his words.

For someone kind enough to


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