Golden Touch
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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One who writes truth will be remembered rather than golden lies.

Golden Touch

Your talent exceeds mine in every aspect,

You look down upon my humbleness with no respect.

What am I to you that makes you look down on me so?

Why am I such a poor soul to you that you seem to think me lesser?

You pick up a pen and write golden words. You open your mouth and sing golden notes.

But my foolish friend, gold can tarnish over time, and your Midas touch will be useless.

Your words may have beauty, but with no soul they fade,

Your notes may be chilling, but they don't echo, they cease.

My words are like coal, ugly but true, and under pressure...

The carbon turns to diamonds.

So enjoy your fame now, for beauty is favored, but beauty does not last forever.

My truth is savored and will echo to the future, whilst your beauty fades and becomes naught but dust.

So my friend with the golden touch, enjoy it all, till your time is up.

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