From Fear To The Eyes Of Madness
From Fear To The Eyes Of Madness anger stories
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How cruel words can help turn a a boy from fear to being a madman

From Fear To The Eyes Of Madness

This is just my luck, surrounded by you people, who seem to think I give a solitary fuck.

I'm tired of hearing my name in your mouths, dragging it through the mud.

You don't know how much I want to explode but I force myself to be a dud.

My heavy heart is filled with lead, your poisoned words have filled my blood.

But to keep myself out of trouble, I must bite my tongue and chew my words like cud.

I lived in fear for much of my life, anger has filled my head. So believe these words when I say I wish I could kill you people dead.

My anger courses through me, infecting your poisons in my veins, but I must have some self control so I don't let it take the reins.

My seams are splitting outwards, my sanity escapes, madness overtakes me, the hole in my heart gapes.

A fearful boy once known is lost and gone, and everything in me has gone wrong,

The darkness in my heart consumes, and from within, a memory exhumed.

A memory of violence, of anger towards the world, all of it slowly comes unfurled.

So now madness overtakes everything, all sanity is gone.

And now all thats left is this madness born from fear.

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