Don't Forget
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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I don't want you to forget.

Don't Forget

I can tell you're drifting away from me, out into the world's unknown seas.

But there is one thing I would ask of thee. Please... Never forget about me.

Don't be afraid to leave me behind. I'm expendable if I need to be.

The one thing that I told you that I always wanted you to see.

I can be thrown aside when I'm no longer needed.

I suppose I probably should have left you alone as soon as fate had heeded.

You don't love me, but I love you, I suppose that's okay.

Because my love is everlasting and you will have it until your final day.

You're allowed to move on with your life if you want or need to.

In fact that's something that you should probably do.

You have a happy family, you can live a happy life.

So keep moving on and leave me, for I'll only bring you strife.

Your name is inscribed in bold letters on this tree within my heart.

For there is not another human out there, that I consider art.

So go ahead and drift away, move on and leave me in the past.

And I hope that you find happiness and it does well and truly last.

I just implore again, a wish to thee.

Please... Never forget about me.

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