Club Clover Vol. 3
Club Clover Vol. 3 hate- stories
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The night air is no reprieve from the foul nature surrounding Club Clover.

Club Clover Vol. 3

He rounds the corner, and stops. Hesitating for a moment, he looks back. There's an overwhelming desire in his heart to go take his blazer back. He thinks better of it and looks around. He leans against the nearby wall, and reaches into his pants pocket.

He withdraws a cigarette and a Zippo. He flicks his thumb forward, popping open the Zippo with little effort, the next flick sparks it. Causing a small flame to light up the dark alcove he's found himself in.

He sighs and lights up his cigarette. "Funny how I told her I would stop smoking, and now I find out she's cheating on me." He speaks softly to himself, his voice almost cracking.

He takes a long drag from his cigarette. "Why me?" He asks, looking up at the sky. He hangs his head low. "That's what I thought. Still no answer."

He kicks a nearby rock and resumes walking. He takes another drag off his cigarette, and finds his car. He climbs in and reaches for a key, then realizes that it's in his blazer.

He slams his hands on the steering wheel. "FUCK!" Then buries his face in his hands. "Fuck..." He sobs now, the adrenaline from his earlier anger now finally wearing off.

His phone breaks his moment of weakness by ringing. It's her ringtone. He answers. Venom laced within his tone as he exits his car. "What the fuck do you want Hailey?"

Her response is clipped, tone flat. "I want you to come back. I know you understand, I just needed a little fun, some excitement... I still love you." Her tone is pleading, but he can hear the insincerity. "Hailey... You can go fuck yourself. I have no belief in anything you say at this point."

He reponds, his tone flecked with anger. "Eric, please. I love you." She pleads with him again. He clenches his jaw. "Hailey. I don't know how clear I can make this to you, since obviously your tiny brain can't understand the words go fuck yourself!" He bellows into the phone, his voice echoing on the empty street.

"I don't give a fuck, Hailey! You can go suck a dick for all I care, because I know for a fact you don't love me! You just want me to buy you shit and let you live with me because you're a leech! Well guess what!? Here's your eviction notice. Get the fuck out! Of my life, out my apartment, and off my planet! Get it? I'm not a toy you can play with! I'm done!" He explodes with anger at the end of his rant.

With a swift thumb, he presses the end call button and pockets his phone. He breathes heavily for a couple moments before deflating like a balloon. He sinks down next to his car and is racked by silent sobs. "Why me?" He keeps mumbling, "Why am I not good enough?"

His phone rings again, her ringtone sings from his pocket. His anger returns long enough to for him to answer with his clipped words. "I'm blocking your number. Have your shit out of my apartment in the next 36 hours. Go fuck yourself." He hangs up again and deftly navigates his phone, blocking her number.

As he finishes, his shoulders sag. He's a defeated man. His girlfriend cheated on him, he lost his keys to some random girl he was kind to because she looked as out of place as he did, and now he has nobody to go home to.

He leans against the door of his car, and lights up another cigarette. "God... If you're listening... If the is a such thing as any god... I could use some company. Please. I just don't want to be alone anymore."

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