Clipped Wings
Clipped Wings sad stories
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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A poem about suffering in my home as the housemaid of everyone, and losing everything when I want to live a normal life.

Clipped Wings

The bird of hermes was my name,

But they ate my wings to make me tame,

They made not tame this bird I was,

And round and round my head they buzzed,

Because I cannot fly today, 

My wings were clipped away,

They walk past me now with a kick, 

They say "This bird is sick",

But the bird lays here quiet,

This act I know they buy it,

I'm soaking in the shame, 

Because this bird is lame.

My clipped wings have healed, 

But over have I keeled,

Because that bird whose wings you clipped who sat upon his bed?

That bird you know will never fly because inside he is dead. 

He will sit there motionless, a ragdoll for their gain,

Because that bird is powerless against his pain.

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