Achievements As A Whole
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fallenshadow 19| Average writer dude,
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a poem on humanity.

Achievements As A Whole

Our people are individuals, we despise others getting credit for our work,

And we people may fear those things that behind unknown shadows lurk,

But we are a species that have done so much to make,

if our ideas were liquid we could probably fill a lake,

We think we are creators and smarter than the fox,

But all the real ideas and reason come from outside the box,

If you look back in our history and look back at the world,

All your dreams of creation truly then they come unfurled,

Because our ideas stem from destruction and lives lost to weapons we designed,

And all your hard thought reason truly then must have resigned,

Our people can destroy things but we can also make,

and perhaps if we band together we must truly have a take,

A take in a world of people bound by our many tries,

And we finally could confront our truly deeply hidden lies,

We will face our destruction and make our weapons into fun,

And if we had this happiness then there’d be no need for guns,

But the thought of that is foolhardy for we are still animals inside,

And our people all are primal deep where they try to hide,

So if you think yourself able to mend what many lives we stole,

Just look and stare at our achievements as a whole.

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