~I Can't Find Love~
~I Can't Find Love~ love stories

falldiary Community member
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Love ♥

~I Can't Find Love~

I can't find love

because even though I'm in my 20s~

I can't understand it!

well, I'm unique in many ways...hehe...

maybe it's because,

my definition of the word is different from others...

or I still didn't find it

or maybe I have some issues

let's not talk about it...no seriously ~

But still, if Love is the same feeling i feel

for keeping and growing a flower

then i want to search for it

and find it and then reach it

so then maybe I feel loved and happy

i don't want Love find me , i want to be the one who finds it~

i want me and the person who loves me , find each other at

the end of our searching road

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