The Monster
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falconclaw2004 Poet/dreamer
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You are a five year old child going to bed. You see the monster in your nightmares. Or is it real?

The Monster

You are in the darkness. Your alone. You see your friends and family. You cry for help. But no body came. You see the monster that keeps you awake at night.

Staring at you, with its blood red eyes. And its waving at you smiling with its sharp bloods stain teeth and claws. You run and hide. You hear the monster walking closer and closer.

You closes your eyes and hope that this was a dream. Then you hear a voice calling you. You walked towards the voice. It was your mother holding her arms out for a hug.

You ran half way, but stopped. Something did'int feel right. You took a step back. The mother that you once love so much screamed at you telling you that you are a mistake.

Over and over and over until your on the floor covering your ears to make the noise stop. Her screaming continue as you look up to tell her to stop.

You see her bones snapped, her scream grows deeper and deeper. Blood pour from her eyes and mouth. Then you see the monster behind her and slit her throat.

As blood pours from her throat you screamed as the monster run towards you before your mother hits the ground. You woke up in your room. You calmed down for a bit.

You walk down the stairs for a drink of water only to find your mother on the cold floor dead with the same blood from her eyes, mouth and whats worse the same cut on her throat. Standing over her was you knife in hand.

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