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A poem insipired by Lana Del Rey's song 'The Other Woman'

(Mentions of death)

Streaks of sunlight lightly hit the soft silk sheets, gracing its presence with its warmth. A body turns softly, seeking the warmth with a sigh. A longing sigh.

The other side of the bed is cold, again. The woman slowly gets up, sunlight perfectly shadowing her face.

It tries to make her eyes look happy, but it’s only met with disappointment and deep craving for love and affection.

The kitchen is silent. Again.

The soft hiss of the kettle pot is the only sound breaking the silence throughout the house, along with the soft wind that is dancing throughout the lonely space.

Only one seat is preoccupied, with a soul that has lost its light a long time ago.

The soft rumble of the pavement suddenly announces its presence. Woman is following the sound, with the ends of her silk robe joining the soft dance with the wind.

A heart is thumping loud and fast, matching the woman’s footsteps. Maybe her soul’s light is still there.



It fills the shell that is her body.

The woman’s eyes follows their hands. Their smiles. Their eyes. And it becomes too much for her. It fills her with so many grievous emotions. She slowly disappears back into the shadow.

It’s a routine from which she can’t escape.

Love shouldn’t hurt.

But yet, it does.

Stars constellating the night sky are writing the story as it’s happening. Once soft, warm wind has changed its course. It turned harsh and cold.

It’s pitiful because the woman knows the feeling all too well. She’s been surrounded by it so much that she became numb to it. Once calm waves are intimidating with its sharpness and strength.

She has come to the terms that it’s the perfect time. Taking a shaky breath, her lungs blooming with the scent of sea and coldness.

It takes her breath away, but also giving her a new, profound courage that it’s time. A relieved, yet sad smile faces her dazed face.

A tear slips from her face, losing itself in the old, harsh sea.

The pain grabs her by the feet. Slowly traveling through her shins, past her knees. Penetrating deep into the skin and shaking her to the very bone.

She’s fighting it, determined to feel it all over her body. She feels alive. A crucial moment has come. Pain slowly swallowing her body, inch by inch. Water is levelled with her shoulders.

She takes a deep breath and dives.

She floats, and floats under the surface.

She welcomes death like an old friend.

Her lover does not shed one tear.

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