Waiting for the day
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faith We are who we are for alot of reasons...
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FATE is like a strange unpopular restaurant, filled with odd waiters who bring things you never asked for and don't always like. We have dreams, wishes which we wanted to be filled. We s waiting for that day when we get the ultimum happiness.

Waiting for the day

by faith♡

Here I stand Waiting

For a day when I could laugh a little louder When I could smile a little wider

A day

when my eyes sparkles With love and peace A day when all my fears I release.

A day when I could

could see around, A day when I go there , Where I could hear bird's chirrupping sound...

A day when I could

could see the beauty in the pain... A day when I could dance in the rain...

A day when I could

say, unspoken words of my heart. when a beautiful ray will takes all my worries apart...

No burden , no duty

No invisible tying rope , No sorrow , no worry, Just a beautiful hope...

That maybe not today but

some day I'll have that day. That may be not today , But someday my fate Will pay me for my wait...


This is my first poem here Hope you liked my poem Please so vote and support

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