You and me
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fai Smile all the lover
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You are my your cloud.

You and me

One day you asked me ,will you go with me to see the sea. I replied 'yes'. You are my sunshine.when you around me i feel the happiness as sunny day.

I feel smile all day long . I imagine it would be unbearable without you in a single day. I talk to your pranks As laughable through the lens of my eyes.

I know it can't endured if you refuse me. Your one word is enough for me healing my sadness. I can't think of your absence Your everysteps make you so exceptional. Your way of express your feelings are phenomenal.

When you seem glum ,i can't put up with it. I always have a dream where you and i will spend time together. It's not only rain,but also you who makes it a beautiful day on on a rainy day .

It's not winter ,it's you who always vibrate me. You are my destination, my spring,who is everything to me. My sky where i am your cloud ,whenever wish i can dance with you.

You never say harsh but you expression say love unconditionally. So why should i say 'it's not good bye".yes it's not.i know you want it too.

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