Mine perception...mine unfolded wishes with you
Mine perception...mine unfolded wishes with you  feeling stories

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We met on a bright shiny energetic day.It was first meeting but our beginning of our relation

Mine perception...mine unfolded wishes with you

We met on a bright shiny day.It was

first meeting for making our relation ..

In to a serious mood.

But after an hourdiscussion on coffee ......you started talking About mine hobbies However,all of a sudden a phone was ringing on your Phone.. But it got you busy

I wanted to ask so many things About forest....traking in wild area with you was mine passion Since the day i met you. You didn't pay any attention In that

I talked about fly in the sky It was a dream to go at sunview Point ....to feel the softness Of cloud very closely.. You said nothing To reach at mountain peak was Mine leisure time plan only with you.

We shared our feeling about Cool walkway to a hanging bridge.

Boating on a lake I always had a dream to feel the water of waterfall Touch the purified flow of water with you.

When we finished our expression sharing finally through our eyes

I said ...may be it would be Last meeting if... You said nothing...but there was a smile on your face You wished me bye

I thought it might be....... No i was incorrectly evaluate Our introductory conversation. Follow the day you never asked any single talk

I thought it was supposed to happen it might be my perception... May be i t was one sided wishes Which never unfolded I only made my mind too much on those wishes with you.

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