Stories of Spee: The Last Page
Stories of Spee: The Last Page suicide stories
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fabio Just writing without reason
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The last page of my character Anthony’s diary, he’s had too much

Stories of Spee: The Last Page

July 12th, 2016: I guess it’s my birthday, turning 58. It’s amazing how I’ve made it through all these years. But maybe it’s time to end it. As I look at the gun to my right, I know what I have to do

Having everything taken from you is something mostly seen in movies. Then the protagonist gets his revenge on who did it, and it’s a happy ending

I sure got my revenge, but now what? I’m left here contemplating my life, my only living relatives being my son and grandson. I love them to death, but it’s time my story ends here

Nobody ever takes a moment to realize how it would be having only 2 living relatives, having the rest taken out by someone you thought was a best friend

In taking my revenge, I lost even more in the process. Now I’m left with little to nothing. My son and grandson not even able to visit

I hope my son doesn’t take this too hard, he knows my struggle, maybe he’ll understand why I’m doing this

Am I stalling? Yes. Am I scared? Yes. Do I truly want to do this? Yes. Maybe I’m just wasting the time of whoever’s reading this, if anyone. I guess it’s time to sign off. Farewell

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